Waste Management Tips For Small Businesses

Posted on: 5 June 2020

Waste management is an essential part of managing any enterprise. However, it can frequently be given too little attention given its importance. Luckily, your business may be able to avoid some common pitfalls that can occur to businesses that fail to appreciate the importance of efficient waste management strategies.

Attempt To Incorporate Recycling Into Your Waste Removal Strategy

Recycling as much of your business's waste products as possible can be an important part of reducing the amount of landfill space that the business uses. Additionally, it can also help to lower the waste management costs as recycling services can typically be less expensive than traditional trash removal providers. Single-stream recycling services can be a convenient way of including this in your waste management approach.

Keep The Dumpster Secure

The dumpster may not seem like it will be a major security risk, but there can be many reasons why individuals may wish to tamper with it. For example, some individuals may attempt to dump their own items into your dumpster, which could reduce the amount of space that is available to you. Additionally, there are individuals that will rummage through the dumpster in order to look for items to salvage. By making sure that you have a dumpster that can be locked, it will be possible to avoid this particular problem.

Avoid Crowding The Dumpster

You will also want to be mindful to avoid placing too many items near the dumpster. This could make it difficult or even hazardous for the service to empty it. In some cases, the service may even refuse to attempt to empty the dumpster if there are large items too close to the sides of it. When you are placing other items near the dumpster, you should leave at least several feet so that the waste removal service will be able to easily access the dumpster.

Know When To Schedule An Early Pickup

Depending on the workload of your business, there may be times when the enterprise is producing far more trash than normal. This can lead to the dumpster filling more rapidly. If this occurs, you will want to schedule it to be emptied ahead of schedule. There will be an additional cost for the extra pickup, but this will be necessary for the dumpster to avoid becoming too full to safely empty. By checking the dumpster at the end of each day, you will know whether you should schedule it to be emptied the next day or two in order to avoid overfilling it.  

For more tips on waste removal, reach out to a garbage removal service near you. 


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