Have A Problem Removing Sludge, Biosolids And Waste From Your Property? Call A Dump Trailer That Caters To This

Posted on: 24 April 2020

When you are running a commercial property or a business you have obligations to dispose of your waste properly. This doesn't mean just disposing of trash and recyclable items in the right way, but also ensuring that all of your hazardous and toxic wastes get removed from your property and disposed of responsibly.

This means you may have to outsource the disposal of liquids, waste and materials to professionals that can handle these things properly. Here are some of the services that you want to get cost estimates for when you are running a business that produces biosolids, sludge, chemical fluids and other types of toxic waste.

Removing Biosolids and Sludge

Find a removal company, like Duffield Hauling INC or another location, that will come to your commercial property to remove the biosolid and sludge. When you consult with this dump trailer company ask about these things:

  • Cost for the amount that needs hauled away
  • Business insurance the hauler has for liability concerns
  • Necessary permits for the removal

Look at your available options in your area and then determine what company s the most affordable. You want to be sure the company has the proper permits, licensing and insurance to transport this type of hazardous waste.

Keeping People Out of Your Dumpster

If you are ever disposing of hazardous waste or you have waste concerns, be sure to keep people out of your dumpster. This may mean:

  • Putting a locking device on the dumpster
  • Installing cameras for security surveillance around the dumpster
  • Having the unit emptied more frequently
  • Posting no trespassing signs

You don't want to end up in a lawsuit for liability issues because someone hopped in your dumpster and encountered something that was toxic. Take the necessary precautions to keep people out and be sure that you are disposing of all your waste properly.

Having your commercial property cleaned regularly is an easy way to make sure that you have the debris being removed away from your staff and employees. Talk with the company that will be hauling your hazardous dump waste away to make sure that their employees will be properly covered while picking up the debris.

They may have special containers they want you to put the waste in, and then they will pick up the waste with their own dump trailer. If you have been trying to manage this on your own but it's become too much of a problem, get costs and outsource today.


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